The ‘Bertie’ Coat Stand is a utilitarian modular bench typical of those found in 1950s school changing rooms.


The Stand is designed and produced by us in the UK, pulling together a range of local craftspeople to produce the final product.


This is the larger stand in the collection of two varying sizes and consists of a five double hook system, a double seat and standard bent tubular frame.


It is free standing so can be postioned against a wall space or within a room to provide additional storage for coats, bags, shoes, etc.

It can be linked together to form a line of stands if required.




Hooks: Five cast iron double hooks (natural, yellow and coral)

Seat: Sustainable Natural Ash

Hook plates: white/black lettering on black, orange and white




Height – 1700mm

Width – 1200mm

Depth – 600mm



Bespoke Options (Taylored cost)


  • Stand length (anything up to 1400mm)
  • Linked unit number quantity (to create a linear stand to fill a room (recommended for changing rooms)
  • Frame stock colours are Teal, Mustard and Grey. But other colours can be available on request.
  • Bench seat can be slated on request. Options are 6 slats or 2 planks.
  • Bench material finish options are: natural Ash, Black Ash or Reclaimed Iroko.
  • The hooks come in their natural form but can be coloured on request.
  • Coat hook number plates are available in Ivory, Orange and Black, but again can be sourced in a colour to suit your space.


As this is a large item, please get in touch with your postcode for cost of delivery.


If you have any further questions about 'Bertie' then please do not hesitate to contact us?



Bertie Coat Stand - Large - Grey